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FlatLand Resources is a local planning and design-build civil engineering firm founded in 2000, and based out of Muncie, Indiana. We pride ourselves in serving small scale communities in the North Central Indiana Region. We currently employ six graduates of the Ball State University Landscape Architecture Program and a Civil Engineer from The Ohio State University.

We seek to utilize our diversity of expertise in the field of natural systems, civil engineering, and environmental design/planning in the analysis of environmental problems at various scales. We want to understand the systematic and cultural factors that result in the degradation of natural resources and to determine/implement practical solutions at each of these scales. We are confident in our abilities to help urban and rural communities develop long-range plans and strategies to enhance natural resources. Utilizing natural systems in the design of human infrastructure is at the core of our approach.

Since 2007, FLR has been contract consultants to the Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District and has led the District to the following Awards and Recognitions: The District was the recipient of the 2010 Indiana Association of Conservation Districts District Showcase Award; The District was awarded recognition through the Upper White River Watershed Alliance in 2010 for work on Prairie Creek Reservoir; The District was the recipient of the 2011 Robert Cooper Audubon Society conservation award; The District was the recipient of a 2010 National Earth-Team award through the Natural Resources Conservation Service.


Our intention is to make our variety of planning and “green” design-build ‘knowledge bases’ available to you throughout the implementation process. We want to see things “on the ground” and desire - more than anything - to assist you to get your ideas off the shelf, off ‘paper’, and into geospatial reality. The projects featured in this web resource showcase the utilization of green infrastructure in creative and cost-effective ways.

FLR has a long history of project management and fund procurement. We can help guide the community through the RFP process and bid document development as well as through the hiring and managing of day to day project work flows. We have established relationships with local and regional foundations and have worked extensively through State and Federal grants sources. We want the opportunity to help you find additional funding and will assist in developing realistic cost-estimates and funding matrices for grant applications.