Through all the work on greenway systems throughout the area, multiple pedestrian bridges have been constructed. This has been accomplished through existing infrastructure and new construction.

An existing timber railroad bridge over Martindale Creek was removed to reduce debris accumulation in the channel. All the work was done from the banks using excavators. No channel excavation or vegetation removal was required. This project was funded through a DNR Trail Grant and was completed in 2009. A clear span bridge was then placed on the former site. The existing wood abutments were replaced with concrete and additional piles were placed to support the load of the new bridge. Riprap and geotextile fabric were placed under the bridge to reduce erosion. The resulting bridge has connected to the existing Cardinal Greenway system.

While constructing the Cardinal Greenway through Richmond, an existing railroad bridge had to be repaired before the greenway could extend over the site. Extensive alterations and repairs were made to the bridge before the walkway and handrails were installed.

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