FLR performed a noncompliance inventory of all the ADA issues in the downtown area and developed a prioritization plan for improvements. The plan inventories major destinations in the downtown area, plots routes of travel between these high destination areas, and establishes primary, secondary and tertiary routes of pedestrian travel. These routes were then further analyzed and prioritized to determine an action strategy for improvements.

This prioritizing planning process ensures that diverse groups that step up to address their own block level issues, have guidance. In 2012, this ensured that spatially overlapping groups like MITS and Downtown Development could coordinate and not duplicate planning efforts. This coordination structure ensured problems were addressed in a way that was logical and that leveraged the largest impact.

FLR did a site level engineers survey of all primary routing areas and determined/categorized how each ADA non compliance issue would be fixed (form type, i.e. cross walk, ramp, sidewalk etc.). As part of that process, all of these systems were plotted using GPS and imported into GIS, providing the County with long-term documentation. All of the GPS surveys / GIS layering were brought into model space through CAD Civil 3D, arranged by proximity, and documented for communication to the construction mangers who are currently overseeing construction.

Because of the combination of the plan and savvy construction techniques, clients estimated an increase in ADA accessible routing by 20-30% and in key areas of the downtown pedestrian community. The phasing plan developed by FLR is now slated to serve additional efforts through the Muncie Redevelopment Commission in late 2013.

Muncie Bike Lanes / Parking
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Arts and Culture Trail
Munseetown Square
City Hall Xeriscaping
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Buck Creek Stream Restoration
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