The installation of the “new” McKinley Boulevard in Muncie as a more pedestrian friendly corridor for Ball State students provided brick paver walkways and portions of the street to tie into the aesthetics of the surrounding buildings. However, after the installation, a few areas were in need of replacement after only a few years of wear. The successful reinstallation of these pavers required the removal of the damaged pavers and the installation of new pavers to coordinate and match with the surrounding pavement.

The Ball State Alumni Center wanted to show their appreciation to past Alumni contributors to various programs. Engraved brick pavers were installed along the walkways in a formal pattern to show the college’s appreciation. These pavers provided an added aesthetic to the landscape around the building and drew attention to the contributions of the many Alumnus.

The Hampton Inn desired a brick paver entry into their hotel that provided design aesthetics and functionality. This project provided the opportunity to use a couple of different paving patterns and styles to create a sense of entry and a functional pathway for guests of the hotel.

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