The Muncie Storm Water Department under the Muncie Sanitary District contracted the installation of native plants around City Hall that drastically reduced the need for irrigation, fertilizer, and pesticides.  The plan includes over 75 different species of native plugs and hardy perennials, along with flowering shrubs, trees, and heat-reducing columnar maples. 

The mix of species including Iron Weed, Cup Plant, Black-Eyed Susan, and Coneflower were incorporated to attract both birds, butterflies, bees, and other insects, while Lavender, Sages, Liatris, Hardy Geraniums, and Day Lilies allow for a continual bloom from April through October.  The use of grasses, Purple Love Grass, Dropseed, Indian grass, and Little Bluestem soften the landscape while providing additional food for song birds and structure for the landscape during the winter months.  The focus of the landscape design was to decrease storm water runoff, lower maintenance costs, and increase the beauty around City Hall. 

Due to the horticultural maintenance of this landscape it has also become an educational tool for residents and visitors to visit and learn about native plants and their use in their own backyards and businesses.

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