FlatLand Resources is a local planning and design-build firm founded in 2000. We pride ourselves in serving small-to-medium sized communities and commercial enterprises. We know how to design/engineer, spatially analyze, build, manage, inspect, and fund projects that are long-term, multi-year visions.

We have been based in Muncie since our inception and have an exceptional knowledge base about local community processes through our work on such projects as the Cardinal Greenway, White River Greenway, and numerous projects in Downtown Muncie.

We help clients and communities understand the magnitude of costs associated with proposed projects and emphasize the importance of strategic thinking. We help facilitate the planning process, engage the public/stakeholders, and establish community-based plans on rational footing and broad community support.

Once conceptual plans have been developed, we guide communities through the design process. We visit with stakeholders, explore design solutions and construction methods, and reconcile the vision to real-world realities. These iterations eventually become documents that establish final cost-estimates and guide construction development. Our team’s extensive background in the planning, design, and construction of Landscape Architecture projects allows us to be uniquely equipped to develop highly accurate and detailed cost estimates.

We are prolific grant writers and creative out-of-the-box thinkers when it comes to leveraging local dollars, state and federal programs, and private funding. In recent years, we have authored over 3 million dollars in total grants for East Central Indiana communities.

FLR provides construction oversight for our own design projects as well as construction oversight for large multi-phase developments. Our success as construction managers due to the fact that we are a design-build construction firm.  Our previous construction work has included playscapes, nature preserves, and water resources. Understanding constructability is critical to all aspects of the design and planning process.


Walnut Street
Kitselman Trailhead
Ross Community Center Baseball Fields
Grand Junction Park Stream
Dutro-Ernst Woods
Prairie Creek Trails
John M. Craddock Wetlands


Muncie Dam Removal
Fawn River Dam Removal
Eagle Creek Bank Restoration
Grassy Branch
Buck Creek Stream Restoration
Grandview Stream Restoration


Mississinewa River
White River
Whitewater River
McVey Woods
Wilderness Park
Downtown Muncie
Downtown Hartford City

We look forward to working with you.

Allen Byler, Graduate Landscape Architect, Engineering and Construction
Barb Frost, Administration, M.A. Executive Leadership
Clair Burt, Biologist and Natural Resource Specialist
Colby Gray, Graduate Landscape Architect, Planning and Communications
David Heilman, Graduate Landscape Architect, Engineering and Communications
Phil Tevis, Principal
Tori Newsome, Biologist and Natural Resource Specialist
Tyler Freudenthal, Graduate Landscape Architect